A Closer Look at the Signs of Successful Landscaping

Carefully thought out and strategically planned landscaping can do a lot for you including help you save on resources, elevate the curb appeal and property value of your home, and provide you with an oasis in which to relax and entertain. For many homeowners, the thought of yard work; pruning, weeding, mowing, trimming, etc. is met with an overwhelming sigh. At Premier Horticulture, we take over all of this mundane and physically exerting maintenance work and provide each of our customers with a result that is beautiful and worthwhile. Our impeccable service is the result of careful planning, strategic design, and thoughtful attention to detail. Here is a closer look at the signs of successful landscaping you will enjoy with our unparalleled assistance.

Functional Design

For homeowners across the nation, their backyard and front yard are places where celebrations take place, nature is enjoyed, guests are entertained, and relaxation is experienced. Poorly designed landscapes not only withdraw from the visual appeal, but can pose safety hazards and cause inconvenience. As a reputable landscaping contractor in Pinecrest, we pride ourselves on our ability to strategically plan a functional design for your yard. The plants that are chosen, the course of pathways, and the placement of additions such as fountains, are all carefully selected to create convenience and function, to optimize the space you have and avoid creating obstructions.

Efficient Care

One of the most difficult parts of maintaining any landscape is installing and implementing an efficient watering system. One that is improperly installed can cause flooding or leak into areas it shouldn’t which could cause structural damage. Our experts have the tools and experience to enable them to install and place sprinklers that provide optimal coverage without excessive use of valuable resources like water. We utilize the resources of nature as well, to design a watering system that is efficient and effective to meet your needs without damaging the environment due to improper installation or poor design.

Flourishing Plant Life

Keeping grass green, shrubs trimmed and symmetrical, flowers bright and happy, and trees pruned and growing takes more than water and sun. Methods including soil testing and fertilizer treatment are crucial to give each plant the environment it needs to flourish and stay healthy. Failure to properly care for the plants in your yard can mean one of several things including the fact they die or they become overpopulated and annoying. As your landscaper of choice, we are excited to take over the maintenance work and provide you with the healthiest and happiest plants on the block. We incorporate state-of-the-art methods for maintaining and caring for plants and use only the highest quality fertilizers to ensure each plant has the nutrients it needs to grow successfully. We can help you select which shrubs and flowers will grow the best in your yard and can create a design where each plant is complementary to each other to fuel growth.

How to Get the Best Value Out of Your Pinecrest Landscaping Company

When you partner with a dedicated and committed landscaping team to bring out the best in your Pinecrest property, it can be hard to know where to start. After all, the region has dozens of contractors working in pretty much every conceivable field. How do you know who to trust? Which landscaping company is going to work to achieve your dream design?

At Premier Horticulture, we’ve been providing top-quality landscaping to patrons in Pinecrest for over a decade. So we figure that qualifies us to write this guide on dealing with your landscaping company! Look it over and tell us what you think.

  1. Ask About the Landscaping Company’s Experience Any reputable landscaper working in Pinecrest should have a long history of satisfied customers. Sure, the odd disagreement happens now and again, but the vast majority of past interactions with the company should be positive.
  2. Take a Look at the Company’s Portfolio Likewise, any landscaping services company worth their weight in mulch should have a portfolio of past projects they are proud of. Do they bring a unique and individual touch to each job that they do or plant and sod by-the-numbers? This is also a great opportunity for you to get some inspiration for your landscape design. The best laid lawns come together through collaboration, so get talking shop!
  3. Let Your Landscaper Help You Choose the Right Plans for Your Zone Did you know the United States Department of Agriculture divides the country up into 13 ‘growing zones’ based on average year-round lowest temperature? Do a quick Internet search and check out this handy map. This helps you determine what plants will and will not grow in your hardiness zone. In Pinecrest, we’re based in USDA Hardiness Zone 10b and blessed with famously humid and warm weather. That means that we’re one of the few spots in the country where plants that thrive in tropical environments will grow just fine! This really broadens the variety of plants you can use to build a lush oasis in your own backyard. All the more reason to call your local landscaper and start dreaming green.
  4. Make Sure Your Landscaping Services Company Handles Maintenance Too Anyone can plant a nice-looking lawn or garden, but anyone who isn’t blessed with a green thumb knows that keeping that lawn alive is another story entirely. If you want to enjoy your beautiful home landscape year round—and why wouldn’t you?—find a landscaping company who will come by to do weekly or monthly maintenance at an affordable rate.

For All of the Above, Call Company Today

Okay, so we’re a little biased, but there’s one easy way to make sure your landscape company meets all of the above criteria and more: call Premier Horticulture. Sure, we wrote this list, but with ten years operating in Pinecrest, we’re one of the best names in the business. Call us today to learn more!

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